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La Fleur D'Amelie - Bordeux Superior 2013

A ripe and lush Merlot with an intensity of fine juicy fruit flavours of blackcurrent and raspberries.

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Te Pa Sauvignon Blanc - 2016

exuding notes of gooseberry, grape fruit and lime. The palate is a trove of concentrated flavours unique to our regional style. A true Benchmark. 

Only $22.99

Applewood Distillery
Inspired by spring time in the Adelaide Hills, this gin contains 11 different botanicals to give it fragrance, depth and vibrancy
Wino's Price $82.99
The original white rum
Wino's Price $44.99
Combination of exotic botanicals: juniper, cinnamon, coriander, cloves, and the finest orange peel
Wino's Price $99.99
Black Robbin
This rare gin is New Zealands most highly awarded gin. Well deserved of its accolades. A must try.
Wino's Price $79.99
Cardrona Distillery
The Source Gin
Harnessing the best of traditional and Cardrona botanicals: juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, lemon and orange zest
Wino's Price $120.00
Cardrona Distillery
Rose Rabbit
Small batch hand-made orange liqueur. Fresh zest dominates the nose while a single malt character blossoms in the mouth
Wino's Price $130.00
Cardrona Distillery
The Reid Vodka
This vodka is incredibly smooth, smooth as baby sean connery's bottom. A real testament to quality vodka coming out of NZ.
Wino's Price $109.99
Rare French Brandy Brandy
Selected and blended with the greatest care, Chatelle is aged in small oak casks under the supervision of a master blender.
Wino's Price $49.99
Original 1ltr Rum
The tried and true original rum from your parents liquor cabinet.
Wino's Price $44.99
De Valcourt
V.S.O.P Brandy
Bright golden amber color. plum and vanilla aromas with hints of honey and spice, light to medium body with a warm finish.
Wino's Price $39.99
Japanese Saki Saki
A signature Japanese Saki established in 1637 this traditional Saki is characterized by grape fruit and herbaceous notes! A great Saki!
Wino's Price $34.99
Inspired by king George IV, This legendary cognac has never ceased to inspire over the last two centuries! A true benchamark
Wino's Price $89.99
This Kiwi gin is blended using native kawakawa and NZ citrus. An outstanding gin from this little distillery.
Wino's Price $74.99
From Italy we introduce this little citrus gem with an exceptional balance of botanicals and dryness!
Wino's Price $59.99
highland malts capture the true essence if Scotland; the moorlands, heather and fresh pine forests - rounded and firm.
Wino's Price $59.99
Mount Gay rum
"eclipse" 1Ltr Rum
Quite possibly the worlds oldest rum company. You don't stick around for over 300 years making mediocre rum, do ya?
Wino's Price $54.99
Mount Gay rum
White Rum "Silver" 1ltr Rum
Eclipse silver is an exquisite, light bodies spirit of exceptional character! A must have for the premier daiquiri enthusiast
Wino's Price $67.99
Pepe Lopez
Gold Tequila .7ltr
A classic party starter that knows how to be the life of the Margarita! Great easy drinking entry level tequila
Wino's Price $42.99
Riot & Rose
Floral. Lifted. Delecate. Avant-garde. Artisan crafted. Small batch distilled. New Zealand's newest and most talked about Gin!
Wino's Price $74.99
Riot & Rose
Traditional. Bold. Time-honoured. Artisan crafted. Small Batch Distilled New Zealand's newest and most talked about Gin. It's a RIOT!
Wino's Price $74.99
Rogue Society
Dry Gin
Small batch Gin hand crafted from southern alps water and 12 exotic botanicals. 79.99
Wino's Price $79.99
St. Remy
V.S.O.P Brandy
The authentic original french brandy!
Wino's Price $49.99
White Rum (750ml)
Proudly NZ owned this company is taking over with its highly smooth selection of rums ideal for any occasion.
Wino's Price $51.99
"Gold" 70cL Gold Rum
This kiwi company has sourced the Barbado's for a premium selection of rums to proudly bring exceptional rum to your mouth!
Wino's Price $46.99
Spiced .7L Spiced Rum
Stolen! The name says it all.... This kiwi company stole a selection of barbados' rums to bring back to the mother-land. A mint li
Wino's Price $49.99
Dark Rum 1ltr Dark Rum
Stolen dark is they way to go! great value and exceptional quality! This is the one you want for a dark and stormy that'll impress!
Wino's Price $44.99
You'll be hard stretched to find a more juniper based gin than Tanq. Comprised of only 4 botanicals this is a clear cut classic gin.
Wino's Price $54.99
A citrus forward gin of high calibre. Created in 2000 for the real gin connoiseurs.
Wino's Price $106.99
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